Superior equipment and expertise...that's Shore!

Lawn mowing is all the same–right? Actually, there are big differences in mowing services and they affect the quality of your lawn. Advantage started out as a mowing service and we’ve become experts during our 3 decades and more of experience

Proper mowing benefits your lawn Properly mowed lawns will have fewer weeds, better moisture stress tolerances and an overall healthier look than ones that are not properly mowed. We use top quality mowers and ultra sharp blades to cut your grass and we sharpen regularly to ensure an even, clean cut without any lawn damage. We are also careful to mow your lawn at the proper height for your type of grass, a difference you can see and feel

We can handle any size job With our wide array of mowing equipment, we have the right tools for your job, whether it is getting into tight areas or mowing a broad expanse.