Your driveway influences a vistor's "first impression"


is relatively inexpensive and easy to install so it's a great choice for many homeowners. With proper installation and maintenance it can last a lifetime. On the down side, it creates dust, and can make for difficult weeding, and needs to have its top layer refreshed every 1 to 5 years.

Your choice of surfacing material should reflect your priorities with regard to cost, permanance and ease of upkeep as well as aesthetics. Shore offers several options in driveway materials.



holds up well against big temperature changes, retains head which helps melt snow. Recapping (adding a fresh layer over the original foundation) is relatively quick. Asphalt needs resealing every 2 to 4 years.


These can be natural stones, concrete pavers or bricks. Natural stones are elegant but expensive and difficult to maintain. You'll also need to insure proper drainage in areas with heavy freeze/thaw cycles


Is extremely versatile with a wide variety of colors and textures to personalize your property. Advantage can help you design something unique that will give added character to your home or business.